Consent to share information for organ donor registry (Ontario and Nunavut)

I just installed the latest taxcycle update and the new consent to share information for organ and tissue donor registry is not yet on the T1 for Ontario residents. @Elizabeth Will Taxcycle be adding this to the preseason client letter/questionnaire? I am working on my preseason letters now.

Income Tax and Benefit Return (

I have read over the organ and tissue donor registry questions on the current version of the 2022 Ontario T1 General. I view that there are potential privacy issues given how the questions were asked.

First, the question says that the consent is granted for the tax year for which the return was filed. The 2022 T1 General is filed for the 2022 tax year. It is filed in 2023. This means that they are asking to retroactively grant consent for them to release this information earlier.

Second, the question fails to indicate what email address will be released. I am personally registered with multiple email addresses at the CRA, so that correspondence is sorted to an appropriate location.

Perhaps I am tilting at windmills, but I think that the question was poorly written on the part of the CRA and consequently needs correction prior to the information being released.


Some good food for thought Tim Quixote. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Versa I’m sorry I only just saw this when @TimParris contacted support. I’m working on this change and might be able to squeeze in the English version to the very next release. If not, I’ll share the template here so that you can download and add it to your folder.

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That would be great - Klaus Theyer, Exact Tax Service

It’s looking like I’ll be able to squeeze the change in. Watch the release notes it comes out in the next day or two. If for some reason, you need the code to use this sooner, please let me know and I’ll share it with you.

Thanks @Elizabeth. Is the preseason checklist getting updated or just the T1?

@TimParris you are right, the wording is confusing and I anticipate having to explain it a lot. It’s an excellent cause but I have a feeling it will make most of my clients nervous. I’ll set my default to no for this year.

The pre-/post-season letters are updated in the latest release. We haven’t added anything to the client letter.

Our main concern at our firm is how we are going to pose that question to clients. We ask them a series of questions when they come in the door at the front desk (new dependants, property tax/rent, etc). We have a small office and there are often other clients nearby. This seems like quite a personal question to be posed! Any suggestions?

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Could put a sign by the door/on the desk saying that Ontario now has a tick the box sign up for organ donor program and a little explanation about what exactly they are signing up for if they tick the box. End with - if you would like us to tick the box for you please let us know otherwise we will be defaulting to no. You can simply point the sign out to them and let them read it rather than verbally asking and causing possible embarrassment.

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I like the way the question is worded on the taxcycle checklist. “Do you authorize the CRA to provide your name and email address to Ontario health to contact you regarding organ and tissue donation?“

It’s right underneath the elections Canada question. Those with no response will be defaulted to no.

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Can’t find in my options the choice to set default to “No”…you have it?

There is no part in options yet to default to no Taxcycle is looking at it

I send my client this video. Then they say no.