Any movement with conversion from Visual Tax?

Is there any intention to have a complete rollover of Visual Tax data in time for the 2014 application?


We have plans to include standard carryforward information for both T1 and T2 - such as taxpayer data on Info page along with essential carryforward amounts such as unused donations, rrsp, tuition, unused losses and 5 year summary data.

Yes, that is available already. I was hoping for more. Too bad.

We are doing more than last year, when we only had the name, address and social insurance number.

We’re working on the carry forward now. It will be available in the December release, so you can try it out on a few files in advance of tax season to see if it’s catching all the stuff you need.

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I have now done a dozen or so returns carried forward from VT. Works seamlessly, but this morning I had one where the dependants (children <18) were not carried forward.

You may have to carry the child over by them self i had to do that last year when i switched from visual tax