Client Manager - late 2016-season thoughts

This could be WAY more useful if a few things were available/fixed:
(and it’s possible there are tweaks of which I’m unaware)

Quick Search: filter items should be sticky, both in a session and after a logut/logback; typically the work I’m doing survives a new install or update (it’s easy enough to clear them if desirable)

Columns: I don’t care about most of them - I’d like to choose which ones I see

Columns II: I might like to mimic the workflow so I can see at a glance what’s going on, which would require seeing the columns in a logical order (why would ENOA be before Efile?)

Just a few thoughts as I try to sort out today what’s left to do and what’s done…it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a notes location as well, if there is something unusual to be aware of (I used to have a “Do Not Discuss Wife’s File with Husband” case, eg)

It exists as I found out only recently myself. F4 & Search “notes”.

It would be nice to have a quick note field in the Engagement screen and the ability to choose that field to show in the Client Manager.

Resizing columns when in Restored Down mode is a PITA. It doesn’t work properly in a number of ways, and in full screen mode only “sort of” works:

In windowed mode, columns do not auto-adjust size-wize (say, keeping the column selected with ordering as fully visible). If name is large, resizing SIN is semi-impossible.

In either mode, like Excel, one expects that double-clicking on the split line should size to max field length of entered data (“full visibility”). It doesn’t.

What would be VERY USEFUL is the return balance on the Client manager, when going through list on April 30…


In regards to Columns in the Client managers , I agree with @SmallBizGuy. It would be nice which columns I like to see. I don’t’ need preparer, review or approved column. Also be nice if I could move these columns around to the order I would like to review.

I agree with most of the above suggestions. One thing that was suggested to me was to use the Reviewer and Approver boxes for my notes on what is still needed. I use the Approver for outstanding invoicing. It’s a workaround, but hopefully, the Client Manager will have some of these suggestions in future

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I wanted to post update on this… our next release will contain functionality to address the lack of column customization.

What’s new?

  • Adjust columns - add, hide and rearrange. There are a host of columns to choose from (including Return Balance).
  • Save as many different column layouts as you wish.
  • Assign a column layout to a saved search. For example, use a T2 tuned column layout for your T2 saved searches.
  • All customization’s can be saved to an Options Profile and easily shared.

There will be more to follow once we release.


I guess the final test will be to see which information can be chosen for the columns. My goal is to use the Client Manager to truly manage the flow of returns. To that end, it would be great to let the user choose a few fields for columns but any greater flexibility is a big improvement. Thanks!

Like the new client manager options. Wondering what the ‘overdue’ column in the T2 format is referencing. As noted above, a ‘notes’ column would be helpful.