Codes 57-60 on carried forward employees

So would it be possible to have a toggle that would activate and open the fields for 57-60 for existing employees in carried forward files instead of only new T4s?
I have done most of mine manually by now but it would have been a time saver to have those all open and waiting to be filled in all employees instead of only the new ones.

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I was really happy when I saw this new option regarding boxes 57 through 60 in the latest update. It was disappointing to note it didn’t apply to any T4’s that were carried forward from 2019… which in my case is almost every T4 slip.

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Hmmm. Yeah, that option applies to new slips.

Let me bring that up with the team. Maybe a quickfix to add it to all existing slips for carried forward files??


I think that would really work if it is something that could be done without too much programming. I am finding the most amount of time spent is to add each of these boxes to every T4 slip that was carried forward. They are mandatory and most regular staff have earnings in at least some of those periods.

You also have to consider this could be a one year thing… so if it takes too much resources to program perhaps it isn’t worth it.

Totally agree…

That would be great if possible! Although I have done most of mine but for people that haven’t they would appreciate it I’m sure.

@arlene you are just too efficient!
@Cameron I will hold off on doing any more T4’s until we hear yes or no from you!

@obhorst I like to have all mine done until the preliminary stage by Jan 14th so I find any CPP discrepancies before the December remittance is due and so I can fix the calculation errors before CRA does!

Me too. Also, with 90% of mine at least entered and balanced before Jan 15, it frees up February for vacations, sleeping in, or whatever else I can find to do during that month. lol.

Anyone using sage. We were advised the december update did not properly calc for any employee where vacation pay is paid on each chq for the additional
Covid boxes. therefore had to wait til update.late january
altho i did export to taxcycle to calc for the 15th jan… but updates being released today/tomorrow so then will have to get to t4s but with jan 31 deadline for hst… think my actual t4s are a feb workflow now … sigh

Rachel Thibodeau-Parlee

I usually have all my T4 clients corrected, printed, and submitted prior to Jan.15 so the December remittance can be corrected, as is the case in 80% of my clients. However, my RAC account has been frozen since Jan.6. And, according to the agent I talked to, it’s widespread. There is a dedicated person/group in St. John’s working on it. In the meantime, I can’t submit T4’s, T5’s, plus I now have a backlog of T2’s ready to file. At least it’s being handled in St. John’s and not Sudbury. In the 20-odd years I’ve been in public practice, I’ve found that the further west you go with CRA, the less helpful they are. St. John’s have always been helpful. Having said that, the T3 section in Surrey are helpful. I know I will be able to submit an HST/GST return for a client as I have their web access code. Another client has over 50 T4’s, and they are on Sage. Once I correct the deductions for the year, and clear all the errors, I submit to CRA through the Sage utility. And, as Sage accumulates the data by cheque date, the blocks 57-60 will populate correctly. For manual payrolls, the processing time is at least doubled. So, to help CRA audit for CEWS and CERB overpayments, I get to spend time I don’t have, and my clients get to pay a higher fee they don’t want. Had I wanted to be a CRA auditor, I would have gone to work there in 1973. As is the case with any CRA filings, I very much resent being used as a first-line auditor for CRA. That’s my rant. Stop. Period.

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Maybe a quickfix to add it to all existing slips for carried forward files??

Documentation (screenshot below) seems to indicate this may have already been implemented, however I don’t see this on my installation (build 10.0.41708.0). TaxCycle says my version is up to date. When I carry forward a file the default is still “blank” to the question Display Covid-19 codes 57 to 60 for all new T4 slips and I don’t get the Quick Fix option for existing slips.

Is there a version that has yet to be released, or does my installation mistakenly feel it has the latest build?

The documentation team is ahead of the QA team at the moment.

We’re hoping to do an update Thursday or Friday (which is just a week from the original feedback!! :D)


Thanks Cameron

I’d also like to say thanks for the documentation surrounding the PD27 and the reporting requirements for the TWS when the CEWS had been applied for. It is a relief to learn that if a client claimed the CEWS and elected not to claim the TWS, that the PD27 can be a single entry covering the entire period, rather than an entry for every single pay period.

Awesome as usual. :+1:

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