T1 - T4 Wage Subsidy Boxes (57-60)

If there is any kind of entry in the T4 boxes previous to AFR they do not complete.

Only if the T4 boxes are all zero will they fill.

There is no Quickfix enabled either.

Thanks… got it.

We are doing a release including an updated CO17 in a few days. We’ll include the fix in that update.

The good news is that these values are not used to calculate the return, and they are not transmitted anywhere. However, we were required to put these boxes on the T4 slip to get certified.

@Cameron Interesting.

Any other boxes that do not get transmitted on a T4?

If boxes 57-60 are not transmitted to CRA, then why are we required to complete them? I have burned through a lot of time to complete T4’s with these numbers. Manual payrolls in particular. Sage does a great job of plugging in the right numbers, IF the cheque/payment dates are entered correctly. This also works well for the TWS forms. Not so well for the CEWS forms as those require pay PERIODS rather than pay DATES.

One must assume they are transmitted when the T4 is submitted and will be used internally matching against CERB claims.

on t4e box 37 get printed on the slip is not imported for afr is one i have found

@jhd.hemeon They DO get transmitted to the CRA when the T4 file is uploaded, they just don’t get transmitted with the T1 return, as, just like Taxable Benefits they make no difference to the client’s tax return. As Arli$$ indicated, this information will be used by the CRA to catch people who collected CERB while working.


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Boxes 57 through 60 aren’t even available on the T4 input screen if a person was preparing T1 returns using Profile. :slightly_smiling_face: