T4 ..... program

Would be great if on carryforward, the program remembered the CPP/EI exemptions from the last year

I would also like to see the registration number carry forward as well.

It would also be nice if there was a better way to handle changes in EI and CPP earnings rather than overrides. The default is the lower of the max and box 14; however, if you have a box 40 that amount that affects the calculation, you get a bunch of overrides in the file.

The carryforward of exemption boxes as well as registration number should be fixed and will be available in our next public release of T4 module. As for the handling of EI insurable/CPP pensionable earnings - we are looking at adding some calculations to display net earnings for this season; when we review the T4 calculations for that we will examine making adjustments to reduce/eliminate overrides if possible.

~ Rob