CDA not rolling forward

I did a CDA last year and the balance showing is 0 in last years file. However, when I roll the tax return forward it isn’t rolling forward the CDA history. IE: it doesn’t show that the balance was paid out. I even started over an re-rolled but same thing.

I can override and make it zero, as taxcycle keeps prompting me to do a CDA. I paper filed the 2054 last year, but is there something I need to tick off to carry it forward?
I don’t do these very often and I am a bit rusty so tips would be appreciated.


Did you fill out the T2054 in Taxcycle last year?


If your comfortable, send us the return via and we’ll review it and get back to you. Alternately, call us on 1-888-841-3040 and ask for Steven. He’ll figure out what you need to do.


~ Cameron


I took a look at the CDA CFWD. When there is a CDA balance paid, TaxCycle should carryforward that CDA paid amount to next year’s CDA worksheet but it was not. I just fixed this issue. We plan to release next week, so give that release a try. If your issue still persists, please let us know. We may ask you for a sample file at that time.
Thank you for reporting this to us. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Have a great day.