Client Manager - driving me crazy

For a short while it was working great – then it couldn’t see my network drives.

So once again I have gone in and set Taxcycle up with a password in services so it could log on and see the drives again.

Does this password have to be reset when there is an TaxCycle upgrade?
What resets this password?

All of our computers except for one is having this problem. I don’t understand why the one keeps working? The only difference is she is running 8.1 and rest are Windows 10.


I have noticed that I have to reset the passwords on all my computers every year. It is very annoying

Updating using either auto-update or the full setup shouldn’t remove your custom Client Manager account details. Do you find this happens after every update, or is there a specific sequence that you use to update that resets the account details?

Only uninstalling TaxCycle should remove the user account changes. The next time you install TaxCycle, it will use the default SYSTEM user account.

Its not consistent. We have 6 computers in the office, all running Windows 10 except for one running 8.1 (who never had to change any settings to get the client manager to work).

I can get my own to work properly but then I still have 4 other systems to deal with. I have the knowledge to go in and change the log in parameters, I just don’t have the time to get the 4 other computers to work consistently.

I don’t even understand why this is an issue with TaxCycle. I have been running this network configuration for quite some time and none of my other applications have any issues with file access on the server.

Unless this has a super easy fix it will have to stay as it is until after tax season.

Thanks Andrew

Just a guess here, but it sounds like you are running the client manager service on each workstation. Couldn’t you just run it on your server and have each of the workstations attach to it?

I could, but aren’t they all connecting to my computer then? That’s 5 computers all connected to me.

Is your computer also the file server? If not, could you run it on your server instead of your workstation? We have the client manager service running on our server and each user has TaxCycle set to connect to same client manager service.

That is something I could try. Thanks for the tip.

We do the same. Taxcycle is installed on our server for the purpose of the client manager only. All the computers are attached to that database.

However, I still have the problem with having to go to each computer every year and reenter my username and password so the computer stays licensed

@james1, I think that is a different issue than the Client manager password (which is the network password allowing access to index the files).

With your current configuration, I would recommend using auto-update to update TaxCycle. Auto-update doesn’t install Client Manager so your user account changes should remain as configured.

The long term solution, as @matthew has suggested, would be to run Client Manager where the files are located. This eliminates any permission issues accessing files on another computer.

Just for some context -
Why does Client Manager have trouble accessing files on the network? Client Manager doesn’t run as the logged in user. It runs under a special built-in Windows account called System. The System account only has access to files on the local computer and for security reasons isn’t allowed to use your network. We do this so the server can run 24/7 constantly monitoring your files to provide the most accurate snapshot of your data. When files are located elsewhere, an alternate user account has to be used.

Andrew I do use the auto update. I just have 5 computers and I don’t know what people are doing. None of my other programs have any issues accessing the network just the client manager. In any case, the server install of the client manager seems like a good solution since the drives are local.

How do I do an install of just the client manager?

At the moment we don’t have an independent Client Manager installer. You will need to run the full TaxCycle Setup. Once TaxCycle is installed, open TaxCycle and setup Client Manger through the options (as you would have done on one of your workstations).

And don’t forget to change the options on your workstations to point to the new Client Manager server if you don’t have that set as part of the shared profile.

That didn’t work well. TaxCycle Client Manager can’t even load up the folders on the server when the folders are local. I must have something set up differently than you. Gives me a weird error that I have passed on to Andrew.

The person in my office who isn’t having any problems isn’t accessing the server at all. A little bit of research reveals that she was accessing a local archived copy of her data. When we tried to point her to the network info she had the same issues.

I have sent in a request to the taxcycle people, to see if there is a quick solution, If not, we obviously aren’t using the client manager this tax season.

It’s pretty frustrating, I had to load up a new computer for my admin last night because her computer died – good thing I have no life this time of year. :frowning:

I will update this thread when I find out what’s wrong.



  1. The files should be saved on your server
  2. Go in to the options and setup the settings package and save that on the server
  3. Set the folder options to point to the new directories on the server
  4. Setup the client manager on the server and ensure you are indexing the directories on the server
  5. The server does not need to access the settings package only your computer and the computers of the other staff
  6. link the computers to the client manager on the server.

The process works just fine so I suspect that you have missed a couple of steps. Even the above steps may miss some steps I did to get it working.

Thanks James

I don’t think that is the issue. I suspect it is somewhere in privileges or security.

We can access the client files no issue when they are local to our system, it only becomes a problem once they are on the server. To me that is some kind of security/permissions issue.

I just have to decide how much time I can afford to spend to sort this out. Unfortunately I am tech support here. I am good with everything until it comes to network issues.

It’s just a taxcycle thing – how the client manager was implemented… QuickBooks and Sage client servers are both running file manager processes and we can access the files on the sever no problem. They also run as services but I don’t have to change them to log on with a different user.

Anyway I am sure I can sort this out if I want to spend the time on it.

Suggest you chat with @Andrew on this, and he will get you out of this fix.

Thanks to Andrew. We solved the problem.

The solution,
Install tax cycle on the server to enable the client management
Map the drives via the network so it has the same path as the files on the local machine. <-- this was the key thing.
ReIndex everything.

So everyone now has the access they need to the client manager.



Glad that worked. @Andrew knows his stuff

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