Two OAS slips for client in AFR - anyone else seen this?

My client has her 2022 and 2021 OAS slip showing up as two separate 2022 OAS slips in AFR- she called Service Canada, and they insist that they only issued one slip for 2022, and the other is for 2021, not their error, and thus they cannot change anything on their end as it is correct. This error is doubling her OAS income for 2022 - anyone else come cross this? Advice?

I have with a couple of clients but they seem to have been fixed in the last day or so without me doing anything. I suspect either Service Canada or the CRA discovered the duplicate slips and removed the ones that had last year’s OAS amounts on them. It tended to be the older clients - those over age 75 or so.

Woonder if that’s related to the payment to the “over 75 seniors” and somehow they are still looped in ?

The CRA seems to be stumped. After 45 min on hold with a ‘senior agent’ I will get a call back within 3 business days…