CDA Continuity

For a corporate taxpayer that has a long history in their CDA account, is there any way to quickly print all “CDA Prior Years WS” records into a single PDF (i.e. without the need to create a new print-set)? We are in the habit of sending in a full continuity schedule when performing a CDA account balance inquiry with the CRA, which we were recently doing for a client. I fiddled around for a while and ran a few forum searches, but it doesn’t look like this is possible?

Easy enough to save the print settings and repeat for each record, but I’m just wondering if I’m missing something that would allow us to avoid the repetition.


Not really sure what you want here? You can setup a specific print jobs with just the CDA in it and print to PDF.

Thanks for your response @james1.

I’m transitioning our firm over from Profile this year, and this was just a source of some minor grumbling from one of our partners and a couple employees. They were saying they liked the prior year CDA setup in Profile better because of the way it aggregates the prior year data and prints it all together.

I was wondering if I was just missing something as I find that in most cases TaxCycle has exceeded Profile’s usability, and I think that’s the case again here! The main reason we print the CDA data is to verify the balance with the CRA, and I noticed this morning that S89 is incorporated into TaxCycle and auto-populated, which solves that problem.

You know that there is two CDA forms in tax cycle? CDA Current and CDA prior.

on the CDA prior you get the first year

and each year is a separate page and you can view it by year. The file I have as an example has 24 years of data

I also would like this information to be presented in a somewhat different format, also so that it is easier to reconcile it to the RAC info from CRA (capital gains and losses).

On another note, the print settings on form T2054 do not seem to work quite right, as it seems the form is qued to be printed whenever any info is on the fomr, not just when a dividend payment is elected.

Thanks James,

I was aware of the prior year forms, but was looking for an easy way to print them all (ex. it was 1-click in Profile, which we’re currently transitioning from). Taking your file as an example, I was wondering if there was a way to quickly print all 24 of those prior years without resorting to creating a print set.

It’s a minor issue really, but I’m trying to encourage a positive adoption of the program at our firm, and also trying to make sure I have all the tricks up my sleeve that I should because I’m the go-to guy for questions.

It’s not a problem any longer with the recent addition of S89 though, as the only reason we tended to print the CDA records from Profile was to support a CDA balance verification. We’ll just use S89 going forward instead.

Thanks again for your input though - much appreciated.

I think I am starting to get what you are looking for;

Try this then

Hold the CTRL key and click on both forms (CDA current and prior) when they are both selected right click your mouse button and then change it to adobe printer and generate the PDF. Not sure if that solves your problem or not.


Thanks for your feedback on the printing condition and the presentation of CDA worksheets. We will look into the printing of the worksheet only when there is a dividend payment for that tax year.

As far as the presentation of the worksheet, if you have a pdf printout or a screenshot of “RAC info from CRA”, send it to us and we will take that into consideration.

Thank you and have a great day.


Just curious, would you submit the S89 to CRA with a CDA election (or if requested to prove the balance by CRA)? This form’s function seems to be to ask CRA to confirm the CDA balance.

I was planning to use S89 when filing a Capital Dividend election by responding no to line 002 “Is this a balance verification request?”, and yes to line 003 “Is this request related to … form T2054”.

I may be understanding that functionality wrong though? To be honest we have not used S89 at this point.

Well… I guess it helps if you read the entire form and not just the title… I think this would work marvellously to support CDA filings based on that.

@steven, send you per e-Courier.



Thank you. I received it and logged your suggestion in our system.