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Printing Multiple slips to one page


I am hoping someone here has found a way without having to go to the suggestions for next year’s options.

Last year our office used Profile, and within that program we were able to print off a slip summary which would show all the Tslips of the specific number on one page. for Example: T5008 Summary: would have small chart which showed a name, slip #1 and then the rows would be all the box numbers with the corresponding amounts. This way we were able to view 16 T5008’s at once to be able to reconcile them to the G/L reports and our interoffice spreadsheets.

Is there a way to print to PDF something similar? Currently we can print all the same T slips to one PDF but they are all one slip per page.

Thanks for your help!

Can you provide a sample of what you are referring to?

Hopefully that works

In Profile we were able to print 16 to a page just like that. It would probably also be useful for other slips, but I know it’s super useful with how the way the banks have decided to post the 5008’s to CRA. This way we can reconcile to the single slip the client receives as well as (if needed) create a s/s with the G/L report information to confirm amounts without having to spend the time going slip by slip by slip.

How is that different from this:

We are still a little new to the Taxcycle program and now that I see it I feel a little silly. But that is perfect. Thank you very very much.

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