Carrying forward print sets from prior years

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to copy or carry forward your print options and custom designed print sets from prior years? It seems to me there should be. I find it so time consuming to recreate the client , office and efiling sets

Yes, there is definitely an easy way.

Go to Options–>T1–>Print–2017
You will see your 2017 Print configuration and selection here.
Lets say the Very first Set says “Office Copy”
There are 3 icons beside the print set (a star, a page, and a black downward pointing arrow)
Click on the black downward pointing arrow
Hit “Copy to 2018”

This will copy that print set and all of its selected forms to the 2018 module.
You can do it with all of your print sets
You can move (up or down) or just delete the default sets

You may still have some fine tuning to do for things like PDF file location but it definitely helps tremendously.

There is also an easy way to copy any of your your custom templates over to different years as well.

Hope this helps a bit.

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!