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Carry forward options from prior year

I think it would be nice if we could have the prior year options copied to the new year module when installing a an update. For example, if our default for the 2014 T2 was firm online authorization at level 2, that should be set to the same for 2015 when that module is installed rather than no default.

My assumption is that most firms want the same options from year to year without having to go in and set those.

New modules should roll forward their prior year option values. I will need to look into this a little more to figure out why it didn’t do this.

Was it only the new file options or all of your T2 options?

Thanks Andrew. It was at least the new file options - we discovered it because someone printed out an RC59 for a new client and options were blank. I went in and updated those and quickly checked the others and, unfortunately, did not keep track of what I changed. Would it make a difference that we are using a centralized options profile?

I also noticed that the T2 options did not carry forward that well.

Module options excluding Print, Price and Review were not carrying forward correctly. This has been resolved. Unfortunately now that you already have the new 2015 modules, your module options won’t see a smooth transition until next year when we add the first 2016 module!

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Maybe consider adding an option to carry forward the options again. just a thought just in case it ever happens again.

I’ve added this functionality. You can now right-click on any Module/Group/Year option in the option tree and copy values between years.