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Carry forward and plan

Is there a tutorial video on how to use the plan feature? Maybe I am not understanding it’s function.

Good morning Charlene,

Here is a short video that may help:

Essentially the carry forward and plan feature allows you to carry forward your prior year file while copying values entered on slips and forms from the prior year return, making it quick to create a return to plan for the following year without re-entering data. Once you have carried forward the file, you can go ahead and add/remove/change the values that were brought in to use the most up-to-date information received from your client.

The purpose of the planning mode is to calculate an estimate of your client’s overall tax situation for the upcoming year to help you better plan while there is still time before the tax year is over.

Have a fabulous day Charlene!


I found one.

My client has asked for a 2020 estimate of taxes. The carry forward and plan will not work on a 2019 T1?
Am I missing something?

Thanks all

Carryforward and plan will only work for 2020 once we release the 2020 T1 preview module. That is usually mid-year. However, the 2019 return has a T1 planner worksheet you can use. Take a look at this page to see how it works:

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