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Tax Planner for T1

Are there plans to have a planner for the T1 module?

@candace_n , they have built it into the 2014 T1 module

See this link

And it works like a charm!

To make this planner really useful I would like to see an option when carrying forward to specify that it’s a planning return.

Also an option to carry forward the values from last year would be very helpful. I find when I am planning, that I use the prior year numbers as a baseline and then modify from there.

Michelle they already have that in place see the link under james1

Ok, It just wasn’t obvious when I was testing it out. Thanks for the update, I will take another look.

I suspect this only works if you are carrying forward a TaxCycle file. I am just migrating from Profile and I can’t get any numbers to come over with the tax return. The icon - get plan values from prior year is greyed out.

It doesn’t look like I can use the planner from TaxCycle unless I key everything in at least for this year.

As always please correct me if I am mistaken – still learning.

I do not think you can get the plan numbers from Profile. I migrated from Profile last year and I think the only thing I could do is roll forward. It is one of those short term pain things unfortunately.

You are correct @james1, you can’t get the plan values from ProFile. This is a TaxCycle to TaxCycle feature.