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Canada Child Benefit

I am not certain what is available to you regarding the new Canada Child Benefit but if the calculations are available it would be nice to have it reflected in the T1 program.

check the cctb worksheet the figures are there I think

CCTB is going the way of the Dodo. Looking for CCB.

according to CRA not it not going anywhere till the new government changes anything in the next budget

Hi Arlis, we are still waiting for information on the changes. It has been mentioned that the new federal budget will have the details and the budget is expected in March

The EFILE Association of Canada has some details in their recent newsletter which leads me to believe the information is out there. If it is it would be nice to give clients some useful information rather than redundant information.

The info the Efile Association has put out is based on the Liberal election platform, which may or may not get enacted, and even if it does, may change substantially from their platform.

What I intend to do is tell them, this is what you will get under the current rules… (unless Taxcycle removes that calculation and changes it to something else)

Are you contemplating an imminent release to reflect the new Canada Child Benefit?


The changes are going to be reflected in the next release.


What’s the time line for the next release?

Next day or two. We are still testing the changes.

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We have released this in today’s release - look for the Child benefit worksheet estimate (details can be found in release notes). The build number is 29414.

~ Rob