T1 Summary - please add total medical and pension adjustment

I like to use the T1 Summary to do a final review of the return. Could you please add the pension adjustment amount, maybe to the left of line 208? And could you add the total medical, similar to the way total donations are shown?

Thank you

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Medical similar to donations would be nice.

Also noticed CCTB is showing up this year on the T1Summary of both spouses. Not sure if that is an intended change?

The CCTB will show for the spouse who receives CCTB indicated by the question at the top of the CCTB Worksheet:

“The Canada Child Tax Benefit is received by:”

If no one is selected in the worksheet then both T1 summaries will have the amount. Thanks for the suggestions…we are looking at implementing some ideas from other users as well.

It is still displaying on both spouses for me with the question answered.

We will have one one of our engineers determine the cause of why it could display on both spouse T1 summaries even after selecting the question on the CCTB worksheet.

~ Rob