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Can I ReFile a T1 efiled by another firm

My client, for many years, had their 2018 T1 prepared by another accounting firm due to the complexities of the return. They returned to my practice this year. With respect to the 2018 year they realized that the firm missed some crucial items on their S3 and T2125. They had asked me to make the adjustments. My question is, if I recreate the returns in their entirety, can I ReFile it?

Doesn’t say you can’t.


Yes you can.


I have done that. The return has to have been originally filed electronically, whether efile or netfile.

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I’ll confirm as well. I processed a re-efile last week for a return processed by another firm. No issues.

Note - after getting the return to where it needed to be, you do need to look at the efile worksheet to make some modifications for the system to know it had already been electronically filed.


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Is it Efile Worksheet or Refile Worksheet? Can you please guide which line and form needs to be changed.