Calculating Climate Action Incentive (CAI)

If the questions in the CAI fields on the Info worksheet need to have an answer could we get a section in options to set default answers?

There will be some defaults for the questions - should be available in our next release.

~ Rob

Hi…on the subject of the CAI, could you fix it so that it appears as a separate line (449) on the T1Summary in the “Refundable Credits and Tax Balance Section”. Right now it’s only showing up under line Total Credits-Line 482.

Hi Paul,

Yes, there will be a separate line in the T1 Summary, as well as the 2 and 5 year summaries.

~ Rob

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Can the instruction page be suppressed when printing the schedule?

The notes page will not print by default in our next release. The instructions will print if a user decides to select Include instructions pages in a print job.

~ Rob