Comparative Summary Not Working Properly

Since the update last week, I noticed that the T1 Comparative Summary does not show the CAI from prior year.

Now the comparative summary does not math correctly and the variances are off (% and total). This makes it very difficult to explain to a client why they lost $300 - $750 from their refund this year, when the comparative does not show it.

In the example it shows the total tax deducted as $15,661.39 but the total credits = $16,186.39 with no other number appearing. This is due to a $525 CAI from 2020 that is not appearing as a line item.
When you have multiple line items in the tax credit area, this makes if very difficult to figure out.

Here’s hoping this will be fixed soon !!!

Crystal it is in the 5 yr summary and they now know to add it to the 2 yr summary

Thanks, we are aware it is in the 5 year summary, our work around right now is to print both in adobe and clip and paste from the 5 year to the 2 year summary, it is a pain to do and we have the time right now but going forward, I will not.

Glad to know they will be fixing it.

OK, I’ll see you when you get here



Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we will have it resolved in our next release.

~ Rob

Much appreciated Rob !!!