Checklist Item Vanishing

Really small bug here, but it does add a lot of extra time/work for me every day…

I use the “Use prepare forms list as a checklist” option, rely on it heavily.

This year, the checkmark on the “Carry - Carry Forward Summary” form disappears on every file when I close it – very annoying. Must reselect it on every file every time I open it, then it disappears again every time I close the file!

Can you please fix this in the next release?

Thank you, Mike

Did the fix for this bug make it into today release “13.1.52895.0—Download Only”?

Extremely disappointing to hear that this simple bug was not fixed in the current release, even though it was first reported many weeks ago.

That poor service would never have happened before Xero took over!

Hi, @mike, you have me curious now about this form, as I don’t see it on when I’m using TaxCycle T1. How do you access this checklist? Nothing shows up on my screen when use the F4 and type in “Use prepare forms list as a checklist”, and I don’t see any reference to it in any of the setup options. Seems like there are more built-in tools that I’m not using, LOL. Thanks.

This was news to me, too. I looked it up on the TaxCycle website:

Then I found it in the settings:

Thanks, @Nezzer. Now I understand what @Mike is talking about. I use the sidebar all the time, but don’t focus on the Prepare tab as much as the other tabs. I only had the checkboxes enabled on the Print tab which I use extensively. Enabled the checkboxes now for the Prepare tab and found the “Carry - Carryforward Summary” in that tab. Yup, I verify that the checkboxes on the Carry-forward summary don’t save when closing for the file. I’ll have to start using those. Thanks, @Mike, for pointing this out. Learned something today!

For ex-ProFile users who were used to the checklist process, it allows us to select all the forms that are used in the return, then simply PageDown through them in order to input everything. Really helps us to avoid missing items from previous years, etc.

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This item has been included in our list of fixes in our next update. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention.

~ Rob

Wow…update version 13.1.53134.0 comes out today – still missing this simple fix!

Not sure what’s going on over there but this would NEVER have happened before Xero took over – bug was first reported in March and would likely take 10 seconds to fix?

Not impressed…I’ve suffered with this issue for almost the entire tax season.


Our apologies on this one, this wasn’t a rudimentary fix and has been given to a senior engineer to address. We’re hoping for it to be resolved with our upcoming release.

~ Rob