Booking / appointment Software

Hi Folks,

Wondering if any of you use an online booking/appointment process and if so what do you use? I would like to add a online scheduler to my website where a client can see when appointment times are available and when they are not. I done a google search and it came back to many options, but would like to here what you guys use.

We’re on Office 365 and it comes with Bookings which has the functions you are looking for.

If you’re looking at stand alone application, I know business owners and other accountants that are happy Acuity Scheduling and Calendly.

I use which works with Google Calendar, not Office.

The interface is English only and works by corresponding by email. The computer translates the email by the client to try to obtain a free moment. It is functions for the majority of clients, but does not handle people well who are unstructured in their writing. (Example: Client writing “I am available any weekday evening” does not work. “Would you have Wednesday or Thursday at 7pm available?” does work.

I have a client using Timely for a similar purpose (I don’t use it). Works well and seems to be quite flexible. Cloud and subscription based . Clients can book appointments; these can be managed by someone in the office and they can generate billing as well (in their case, using Vend). Not sure what else it might integrate with. Numerous platforms.