Payroll software - recommendation

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a best payroll software because my business is growing and getting more busier. I want to save my time in the payroll.
Please give me your advice and recommendation, which software, then I will purchase it.
Thanks in advance.

What bookkeeping software are you using? How many employees do you have? Perhaps you don’t want software - perhaps you want to use a service like ADP or Ceridian.

I use QBO with a number of clients and some of them use the standard payroll that is part of the package. It is very simple to set up and use. Wagepoint and Payment Evolution are also good but it does depend on your requirements. Do you need time tracking? Do you need a full HR product included with payroll? Whatever you use, it should integrate with your bookkeeping software.

As @obhorst indicated it all depends on your prerequisites. For most of my clients I recommend Desjardin’s EmpoyerD, Paywork, ADP, Ceridian. They are user-friendly, easy to generate different types of reports, automate the remittances and employees payments; and setup self service for employees to log in and get their payslips, etc. I might be wrong but think they give you access to only 4 years of data, though.

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I’ve been using Quickbooks payroll since ever but they have priced themselves out of my willingness to pay. Payroll service providers are even more expensive. Searched the web for payroll software and found WinTax Pro simpler to use than Quickbooks and complete with an affordable price.

We use Wagepoint. It’s affordable, easy to use and it takes care of our remittances to CRA, direct deposit to employees, and ROE’s. A good fit for my level of busyness.

If you happen to have all your staff on salary, then you can even set it up to process payroll automatically. Doesn’t get more hands-off than that.

Thanks Obhorst,
I am only using Excel for bookkeeping and CRA payroll online. But now time consuming, I want to have a software to help me save time with multiple clients for payroll. QBO means Quickbook online?

Thanks benoit, I will search for Wintax pro

Wow, amazing, i will look at Wagepoint. Thanks for your advice!

Preparing ROE and T4 is too time consuming - as excel for bookkeeping. Quickbooks Online is what I recommend for bookkeeping and payroll. However Wagepoint will integrate with QBO. I just remembered using WinTax the free version a number of years ago - it worked but I did switch for some reason. $125 per year for the full version also sounds like a good deal.

My firm has 21 employees and we use Ceridian. Why? It is easy and less expensive than me or my business partner taking the time to do it.

I use EasyPay for my clients payroll. One price, for all employees and companies you wish. You can also setup for online payslips and T4’s.

Agree. Think you’ll find it quite good

Thanks , I will cteck oit Easy Pay
Quickbook is so expensive

If you’ve been using excel then QBO will be enough ( especially if you run the books on this App). Other then that desktop versions of QuickBooks and Sage 50 have great payroll modules. As of online payroll App I can recommend Knit.

Some of my clients use Payment Evolution.

Payroll… the hardest thing about accounting!
Payworks is my go-to provider.