Practice Management Solution

Hello, I am moving into an office space with 2 staff. I was working solo for a few years. I need a practice Management solution that will help me track clients interaction, billing hours, assigning task to employees, billings, etc.

What Practice management solutions do you use?

I love CLIENT TRACK… it works well as sole practionner by keeping me on top of deadli es and track whom should be , is in, and has a billing/time keeping ability but also ability to assign tasks to staff and is affordable!!!

They have wonderful training/setup.

Best of luck on your search

Rachel Parlee
(506) 874-3093

There are a variety out on the market.

Client Track was originally developed in Canada and I think that is still its main focus.

I have heard good things about Practice Ignition and you can always google Practice Ignition Alternatives for others.

If you are willing to go outside of the bookkeeping/tax prep specific relm, you would be looking for CSM or Client Service Management packages. The big elephant in the room for that is SalesForce.

I went to the generic CSM software and specifically with Podio. Since my background is IT, I learned the coding for Podio Automation. In my case, I have integrated Podio with the phone system, email, client portal and e-signature systems. I kept time tracking outside of Podio, since I have been using TOGGL since before that time and it is really flexible for time tracking. And billing is kept in my bookkeeping system, though we will be implementing a project costing solution by the end of September.

It doesn’t do time/billings (we value bill, so that doesn’t matter to us), but I really like PIXIE, it’s endlessly customisable and we can write out the procedures for each step in a job so anyone can fill in that for that step if they need to because of a staff absence.