Billing hour tracking software

What time and billing software do you guys use?

We have 6 employees including two partners (CPAs). I don’t need any fancy features. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

I have been using QB Time for time tracking since last fall, and it works quite well for myself and 3 part-time staff that mostly work out of their own homes. But, it is VERY difficult to use it for billing. I have given up on the QB Time billing functions, and simply export the time entries to Excel every month, where I keep track of what has been billed or not, and can more easily search, sort, and filter for billing purposes. Then, I prepare the actual customer invoices in Sage 50 (where the firm’s accounting records are kept). I have never liked the time tracking options in Sage, and it is not easy to use with a distributed workforce unless you have it on a server that everyone logs into remotely.

Also found out, after 4 months of using QB Time, that if you want to connect QB Time to QBO (for billing and payroll, etc), that any data not already in QBO would be WIPED OUT of QB Time when the connection is made. So, that “wiped out” my idea of moving the firm’s accounting records to QBO.

I have heard good things about Karbon, but haven’t had the time to check it out. And QB Time is free if you have a QBOA account (QBO Accountant).

I use for my time tracking. Been using it since December 2014.

Cost is $18 US per month per user for the premium annual plan that I am on (which works out to be $216 US per person per year.) I would suggest that the premium would generally be the minimum level that you would need in an office, though there is a level lower.

Toggl exports its time reports into either PDF or Excel format. I use the PDF reports only, though @Nezzer may be interested in the excel format.

Another nice feature is that there is an app which can run on a mobile device when you are without an internet connection. When you recover the connection, the app syncs the time logs.