BN on Recipient copy of the T4/T5018

Just noticed that the BN of the issuer is appearing on the recipient copy of the T4 and T5018 slip.

Are these not supposed to be blank on the recipient copies?

I just looked through a handful of T4’s that I prepared last night Tim, and the employee copies do not display the BN. Possibly something is amiss in your print configuration?

Did you create a new print set from scratch? If so, there is a hidden setting that we don’t show in the options dialog box. It’s on my list of things to do, but most just use the default sets.

Anyways, you can fix this by going to your Options, clicking “Manage” and then “View” local options. If you have options profiles, you can open the corresponding zip file.

In the directory, or zip file, look for files named T42016.Preferences.PrintSetPreferences.xml and T50182016.Preferences.PrintSetPreferences.xml. Open that in a text editor. There is a setting that controls the visibility of the business number, which I’ve highlighted below.

If you don’t want to do this yourself, call us on 1-888-841-3040, and ask for Aliysa. She can remote in and do it for you.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

This worked, but I will make a minor addition to the instructions you gave.

Change the “RecipientCopy” highlighted to “None”. Save, close the options profile AND restart TaxCycle.

Then it worked.