T4A missing Payer's Account Number

This is the first time I have generated T4A slips, so I am not sure if there is a problem. When I view the slips in TaxCycle, everything is there, but when I print the recipient copy, box 061 is blank (missing Payer’s Account Number). The printed CRA copy and Issuer copy have the RP account number in that box. Shouldn’t the recipient copy be the same?

The recipient copies never have the payor’s BN. If you notice, recipient copies of T4’s never have the employer’s BN. I don’t know if there’s a reasonable explanation, probably not.

Really? I never noticed that. I have seen some T4 slips, brought to me by clients, that do have the Payer’s Account Number filled in, but checking all the ones I’ve generated for clients I see that you are correct. Thanks for confirming it’s expected behavior - not a Tax Cycle error. It’s a bit confusing that the number IS filled in on-screen, when displaying the recipient “print” copy.


In general, CRA needs to know your business number for filing and assessment purposes. Your employee or sub-contractor does not.

In general, business numbers are provided at the time of issue for:

  1. GST/HST number on Invoice or Sales Receipt
  2. Charitable Trust number on Donation Tax Receipt
  3. Various relevant numbers on flow through shares of partnership income on T5013 slips.

Those are the only instances that I can recall right now. It is not general practice to include the Issuer’s Business Number on the Recipient’s Copy of the T4 or T4A. Not sure if there is a legal reason to omit it. It maybe for need to know or possibly privacy reasons. Not sure.

T4 slip - Employer Business Number omitted from Employee’s copy


T4A slip - Employer Business Number omitted from Employee’s copy





This comes from suggestions from users and was announced a while ago. (TaxCycle version 6.0.30420.0) See below

Hide SIN and BN from header when printing

A new Printer/Output setting allows you to hide Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) or Business Numbers (BN) in the form header when printing to paper or creating a PDF.

In the Printer/Output settings box (either when you set up a print set or when you are printing from the sidebar or with single-form print), select an option from the SIN/BN menu:
•Plain text (required for CRA copies)—This displays the SIN/BN in the header of printed and PDF copies.
•Hide for security—Removes the SIN or BN from the header.
•Mask first 6 digits for security—Replaces the first six digits of the SIN or BN with asterisks. For example: ******336