Annoying Billing "error" message

Apparently I’ve done something in my Options as I am now getting an annoying “Invoice by Schedule” or “Invoice by Hour” review message on each and every file…this has never before appeared. Can someone tell me what I (apparently blindly!) changed? (Both are unticked in Options …that’s not how I invoice.)

Not too sure why, but ticking both options seems to drive the message away. Counterintuitive to me though.

Check your billing options, they are set for both.

This is probably because you had them set to true last year.

From memory, we carry those values forward and then show a message if your current options differ.

I think you also have the option to disable these messages under your review options if they are annoying or not helpful.

Thanks Cameron - I never really thought about “different from last year”, so that makes sense. Will leave off and have already set the “ignore” message to save grief ha ha.

And a kudo: it is GREAT to have a forum where the developer(s) of the program actually interact and communicate with the program’s users, respect their opinions and, when warranted, add features as suggested!

(This is my biggest gripe about accounting software - it’s developed by wonks, not by people actually doing the work, and they frequently do not listen to us!! You do.)