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Auto Fill Data

Is anyone finding that the CRA slip data available through Auto Fill is slow to update from the service providers ?

We are finding that government issued slips for CPP and Employment Insurance are not available for download.

On March 8th how is that even possible that government issued slips are not in the CRA system?

That does not make sense. They have both been available for quite a while.

Agree with Arliss. Do find though that a particular Ceridian payroll was not there yet, wonder if any of Ceridian is there…

Know that at least some of the T4’s I have prepared are there as well…

We have found that the AFR information has been unexpectedly slow. We filed a T4 online on the 24th and it didn’t appear until 6 days later. Even earlier this week we were missing a lot of the T4s. Today did seem to finally be showing a lot more coming through so hopefully if there was a backlog its dealt with now.

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Ditto here. In a few cases, I could see T4s in clients’ CRA account but were not downloading with AFR.

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That is what we were finding as well. We had one file where the wife’s slips that were available on March 8th come in on AFR. At the same time the husband’s T4 and T4E did not come in with AFR.

Tried the same couple again today March 9th and received both of the husband’s slips and 1 more for his wife that was posted by CRA on March 8th.

Hopefully, this was a glitch on the CRA end.

We just did Auto Fill on March 15th for a client that brought us 8 T5 slips. 4 of them were posted to the system.

There were 2 TD Bank slips, 1 Libro Credit Union and 1 Your Neighbourhood Credit Union(small) not updated.

I can see the small credit union maybe not being updated yet. However, the TD and Libro would absolutely be filing their slips electronically and I find it very unusual that they would not be updated on the system yet.

I have not seen a TD T5 in the system yet this year.