AuthRepBus and Warnings not wanted

T1 2022 Version 12.1.49236.0

AuthRepBus and Warnings not wanted - comes up on every carried forward file, clients do not have, and never have had, business income.

How to stop this and delete the AuthRepBus ?

Options/New File/AuthRepBus Default Values

No default

Manually enter when needed


Thanks, Arliss. I just kept clicking on the make it go away button and complaining to my self. Thanks, Joe for asking the question.

Ah - thanks…missed this in TC101.

Thanks Arlis!

Although, I did have to delete all my files and re-carry them forward after making those changes.
However, mostly all seems now good!

I have the opposite problem. Since I incorporated last year, I need to get new AuthReps signed by all my clients. When I carry forward the T1, the AuthRep status is carried forward:

I would like the AuthRep status to change on carry forward, so that it is ready to print, but I can’t find a setting to make that happen. The setting in Options->New File->AuthRep default values (see below) seems to work only on NEW files, not those carried forward. Anyone know if there is a way to make it do what I want?