April 30 vs June 15

I have been asked to create a list of clients who have a June 15th filing deadline so we can focus on the returns required to be filed by May 1st. However I see no way to sort returns by whether or not they have a business schedule attached. So I am asking the community, does anyone know a quick way to generate a list like this?

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That’s a great question but I don’t think there is an easy way to do this. This is the major weakness of the Client Manager IMHO. I’m also confident it will be cured someday but not this week.

We ask way too much of this trend setting company Tax Cycle. The client manager is their biggest weakness. Still have long way to go but Cameron will be starting another company by then! Lol

I have to agree that the Client manager is still not as good as the client explorer for filtering. I find that the results are not always what I expected and tend to give false results. For instance, I did a filter for returns that were not locked and got a list to review; however, when I was opening the returns, I found that some where locked.

Without Trust in the Client Manager, it has little benefit. That being said, I suspect that it will be eventually fixed