T2125 Usage

I asked this question a year ago, but did not get an answer from TaxCycle, so this year I am making it a suggestion. It would be nice if we could filter clients by those that have a T2125. We have two reasons for needing this. First, as April 30th approaches it would be nice to have a list of who needs to be filed by April 30 and who can wait until June 15th. Second, we are trying to compile a list of clients who may be registered for PST here in BC.

My thought is a adding a box to the info tab that changes from April 30 to June 15 when a business schedule is used in the return. A filter could then be added to the client manager.

Would this be possible?


In the client manager, if you filter for T1s and a year, then enter T2125 in the search field, you will get a list of clients that have that form (same works for T2042 and T776)

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Thanks Sylvia, that worked great.

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OMG, that is awesome!! I did not know/realize that TC could do these type of searches. Fantastic!

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