Anyone experiencing issues with "default" printer settings

Seems TC is not picking up my Win default printer settings for some reasons


Using WIN10, WIN is NOT set to manage printers on its own.

I set my WIN default printer and it shows both in the control panel and setting that I have a default printer and which device that is

Office copies are printed to pdf via a pdf print utility that has never been an issue (PrimoPDF)

Clients get specifically marked\tagged parts of their return as a hard copy with all their receipts.

With clients set to default printer and office copy to PrimoPDF, the client copy want to also go the Primo, as if it is the default.

Anyone else having this issue? ie, is it some incorrect “local” setting I have wrong? Note I have not had any issues until the latest update

Also having print issues. I have tried setting TC settings to default printer. No luck. Then tried setting TC printer settings to the actual specific printer. Again no luck. I’m having to print both client copy and office copy to PDF. From there get the PDF files outside of TC and print. Very cumbersome and time consuming.

No issues and running Windows 11