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Any way to disable Tax Data Download banner?

Is there any way to disable the new “Tax Data Download may be available” banner? My understanding is that this applies to Quebec tax data, so none of our clients I can think of would have any info to import from this system.

It’s been confusing our prepares and partners alike here (given that I believe it’s the old name for AFR, and we use AFR on every return I’ve been getting a lot of questions).

Obviously an easy question to answer, but just as a UX point could you perhaps add a checkbox in the options to disable this banner if the client is not a resident of Quebec?

Hi Rick,

You could go in options, under T1/TP1 - Review and un-check the bulletin for Tax data download banner:

This is applicable to any non-mandatory for filing messages/bullletins in TaxCycle.

~ Rob

Here’s a blog post too that walks you through a couple of things you can do:ébec-Tax-Data-Download-when-not-applicable

Thank you @Elizabeth and @Rob!!