AFR: Wrong RRSP Deduction Limit

I did an AFR for a first time filer - 20 year old taxpayer & it brought it a RRSP deduction limit of over $175K?? I check rep a client – as expected it is zero, but surely enough AFR brought in this huge limit? Anyone else experiencing this? TIA

I got a $0 RRSP limit for 2018 (from AFR) for a client and he had over $36000 income in 2017. Then his RRSP limit for 2019 (based on 2018 Income) showed as $7700, but the RRSP limit jumps to $93000 for 2020 (2019 income was 42000). Something is not right with CRA (AFR)

Had one yesterday, was much smaller, roughly a $1,750 RRSP limit and initially wondered if they had maybe filed a return but nothing when checking Represent a Client. On that note it appeared like a coincidence but the RRSP limit on this one matched an older sibling in the family but want to double check…