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Rrsp afr

A heads up, but a bit late…

RRSP AFR for the first 60 days of 2018, which online (RAC) shows as first 60 days of 2017…

client confirms it is first 60 days of 2017.

If you wanted, we could ask our AFR contacts at CRA to investigate this case to see why it is showing up as a first 60 days of new year rather than being included in unused from the 2016 return.

Clients cannot be trusted. :laughing:

If it will do anything to improve the system…

I also had a scenario similar to this…AFR said first 60 days amount for 2018, but I confirmed with the client that this was actually first 60 days of 2017. As I recall, it showed as first 60 days of both 2017 and 2018. This is the only time that I’ve noticed this happening.

If it helps.

Under RAC “Amount current year” is the year we are in, not the tax year.
Under RAC “Amount prior year” is the tax year.

I always thought the titles were confusing but I figured out what was what.