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AFR 2015 issue

The RRSP deduction limit is not filling in for 2015 files. AFR says the deduction limit is zero and is not picking up the correct 2015 limit. We have to check each one individually. Is this a CRA or TaxCycle issue? Fixable?

It appears it only pulls in slips for 2015. Might be intentional.

I would guess that is the case since CRA would consider all the values to be current other than slips. For instance if you were preparing a return for 2015 that CRA arbitrarily assessed, the RRSP deduction number could be wrong.


Unfortunately, for prior years, CRA only provides the slips.

The review messages relating to other values for 2015 should not be triggering. Can you confirm that is the case?


~ Cameron

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Yes, the review message was triggered.


Can you please send me the file securely using e-courier. This link will do the trick:

I’d like to see why the message was triggered. We may need to refine that a little.

~ Cameron

Hi Cameron, will send one if it comes up. I have already corrected and filed the 2 files this happened on. I did just try and run AFR on a new 2015 file and this problem didn’t occur so perhaps was fixed in an update at some point?


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