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RRSP Deduction Limit


Would still like to be able to enter a negative RRSP deduction limit.

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Any chance this will be changed?

I am working on another file where I have to go in and change the RRSPNext so the clients don’t appear to have contribution room next year that doesn’t exist.


I still believe we should be able to enter a negative limit. Maybe this year?


Maybe next year?


RRSP Negative Limit

I would like to see both a negative limit and T1 OVP Letter.

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You can create the T1OVP Letter yourself.

I’ve done several letters personally. You merely have to ensure that you have the correction conditions when the letter is available.


Still not corrected. How difficult could it be?


I echo the request for negative RRSP limit. To avoid unintentional entry, there could be a warning.

I was surprised today when CRA’s website showing a negative RRSP amount due to a PSPA (Past service pension adjustment).

The RRSP limit was $ (6,487) for 2013 and has continued in negative territory up to now. This is uncommon in my practice.


I also support this. CRA’s AFR information is misleading since it shows as Zero even though the notice of assessment will show the negative amount.