AFR T3 Data - Prior Year ROC Causing Import Issues

The importing of a T3 slip is a little buggy if there is a Prior Year “ROC” in Box 42 of the tax return.

Let say you import a T3 slip via AFR and select to import under the name that existed last year. If the T3 Description/slip that was carried forward in the tax return has an amount in Box 42 for Prior years the AFR data won’t populate the slip. You can jump to the slip and there is a yellow diagnostic warning. To clear the warning you can select “use AFR Amount” which populates the slip with the AFR values. Unfortunately, when you do this, it over-writes Box 42 (prior year ROC) with 0.00 and then you get a Yellow diagnostic on that field that says “slip has a prior year value but no current year value”. You lose the prior year amount because it gets over-written with a zero.

Since an actual T3 slip will only ever include a current year ROC in Box 42 and never an amount for prior years accumulated ROC I guess the solution to this would be to have AFR ignore the amount for “Box 42 - prior years” and DO NOT over-write that carried forward amount during the AFR import process. Sort of the way the AFR Import doesn’t over-write the Issuer Name on a T3 or T5 if a name already exists, you could have it so that it doesn’t over-write that box 42-Prior Year if an amount already exists in that field.



We’re going to deal with this in an optional update that we will publish today or tomorrow.

Yes, @james1, I know you will be annoyed that it’s not an auto-update. We’re going to address that problem as well. Starting with the June release, we will have 2 or maybe 3 update “modes” (or “rings”, as Microsoft calls them)

Normal” - Download and install updates 24 hours after they are made available, but only download critical fixes in high volume filing periods (ie: Feb 15 to Feb 28, April 15 - April 30 and June 15 - June 30) (and maybe one more condition - do not update on weekends when support is closed??)

Aggressive” - Download and install updates immediately and always.
Beta” (not sure about this one) - Take Beta versions when offered.