AFR for multiple clients

Hi when using AFR and get the CRA page I can see a message reading that if I request more than 10 requests I have to do it separately, my question is how can I request AFR for more than one client? ( not family related ) Thank you

I think the only way you can make multiple requests at once is if the clients are set up within the same family file in TaxCycle.

Otherwise, you need to AFR separately. The one good thing is you don’t immediately get logged out of the CRA site after a successful AFR, so you can go in multiple times within one session without having to enter your name ans password each time.

i think the question you are asking is how to access 10 different unrelated clients at a time ? The message is here is meant for families that exceed 10

You cannot access different clients at same time… but u can leave your session open… ipen another file. And then the cra credentials will not need to be put in until tou close tour browser( as long as you dont time out)

Presume this safeguard Is a cra thing not a taxcycle thing

thank you very much for your fast reply, I was just wondering if it was possible.
have a nice day.

I user Firefox and Auto Reload Tab as an Add-on set to reload tevery 5 minutes. Occasionally, CRA still kicks me out but most days I can be logged in all day. As result ,AFR skips the log in step and the download process is that much faster.