Is there a way to Mass AFR for all clients at once? Any other efficiency tricks?

I am thinking about ways to be more efficient. Is there a way to mass/ Large Batch AFR all the clients at once? Also, if you can share any other tips that you do during T1 Season that would be wonderful.

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I do lots of little efficiency things, like keeping a spreadsheet of all my self-employed clients, their HST numbers, whether they’re quick/detailed, etc. I also keep a chart of banks/companies and when their T3s/T5s/1st 60 RRSPs/etc are AFRing so I can quickly pull files out of my WIP drawer and download the clients that are waiting for that company’s slip and make appointments right away (I note the company on a little sticky on the file so I can thumb through the drawer fast). I keep a bunch of conversion rates, a list of hotel/resort HST numbers (I’m in Ontario), and institution numbers for banks within view; along with a bunch of other stuff. I could go on for hours haha I do so many little quick reference things. I also have a TON of fillable Word templates for cover letters for post-assessment reviews.

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Also, my colleague said you can AFR up to 10 at a time!

I have not figured out how to do 10 AFR at a time.

As far as I can figure out, you can only AFR multiple returns at once for coupled family returns
(Mother, Father, Dependants, which can include parents or relatives if there are benefits being transferred). So if you organize your tax work by coupling all family returns together into one package, I guess its safe to assume that you can AFR all these returns at once.

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That’s the only way i know of

oh wow that is amazing. Would love get the chart of banks and companies and when their investment slips are AFRing. That would make my life so much easier. Please let me know if you would like to share.

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There was a discussion about “tab reloader” extensions last year - I found that to be VERY helpful. I had already adopted the habit of logging into CRA first, then doing multiple AFR’s, which also helps my efficiency.

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Apparently that’s just the CRA rules, I also don’t know how to do it in software. Just according to the CRA AFR rules.

I download the tab reloader extension for google chrome, but getting an error, the page is not reloading. Are there any settings that need to change?

I’m using Edge as my browser (and am not particularly tech savvy) so hoping others might have suggestions for you?

The question I would ask is, are browser extensions safe?
With so much spyware out there these days, I’ve been reluctant to use them. The only browser extensions I use are for Ad Blocking. I’ve been tempted to write my own code for a Browser Reloader, just haven’t had the time to look into it.

Your concern is valid This one has 5 star review and chrome allowing this extension. I figured out to log in CRA account and turn on the reloader, instead of using it through TC opened web page

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