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AFR and RC62 (Universal Child Care Benefit) Diagnostic Message

Just an observation here with regard to the RC62 being downloaded via AFR and an AFR diagnostic message ;

The RC62 gets properly downloaded via AFR to the recipient’s (wife’s) return. When you go to the RC62 of the Husband’s return, the benefit correctly shows up in the spouse’s box. Taxcycle kicks out an AFR diagnostic message on the husband’s return that says “Slip does not have Auto-fill my return values”. The wife’s return shows no diagnostic message. One would have thought that neither return would have an AFR diagnostic, as the slip imported properly.


This is a new message that we’ve added in the last 2 weeks.

For most other slips, it’s generic code that checks for any non-zero values on a slip with no AFR data. For the RC62, I’ll need to handle it slightly differently, which I’m about to do now.

It looks like this will also be a problem for shared T3, T5 and T5008 slips. I’ll adjust those as well.

Thanks for the feedback.

~ Cameron

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