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RRSP down load

It would be nice if there was a better way to handle the RRSP slips downloaded from AFR.

Could these not be handled the same as other slips?

At least let me sign off each line once rather than each cell

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Seems to be a one click process for me.

Hover over RRSP Issuer - click on “Include in the contributions table below”

Would you be able to tell me how to turn refile on. I called CRA efile helpdesk and was told the refile had not been turned on



That works just fine if the slips have not been entered; however, if you use the AFR as a review tool, the RRSP slips are already entered and it I follow your suggestion, you will double the slips entered. Only way to correct is to sign off each cell or delete the entries and then post the as you say. Which leads me back to my inistial question can we not get a similar treatment of the rrsp slips like other slips? even to the point os saying they are downloaded on the slip summary


I see what you are looking for now and agree that would be an improvement to the present process.