T5 Source of Interest

I think Helga mentioned this before but it would be nice if T5 slips carried forward retained the “Source of interest (EFILE purposes)” entry used in the previous year…

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Yes, she did.

I’ll add this for next week’s release.

Thanks for the reminder.

~ Cameron


How about allowing a negative RRSP limit to entered as well?

I have a few CPR guys in this situation. If I don’t go in and do some overrides I can give them the impression they have some room for next year as the current year limit is zero in Taxcycle and current PA is less than room gained in year.

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We looked at the negative RRSP limit and it is something we will look at again after tax season. This calculation is used in a few places and we don’t want to create other problems. We’d rather do it when we have some time to review all the possible consequences.

With regards the source of interest on T5 slips, I just looked at this and saw that we added this back in the summer. We carry the field forward from last year when there is an amount in Box 13. Is this not working for you? If not, we need a sample file that shows the problem.

~ Cameron

No worries. I am on it, on the rare occasion this happens, but it will make the program just that much better. :slight_smile:

This for me is every file.
Edit: I see now the problem is the post from Doxcycle takes the previous entry that was carried forward away.

I was just about to point that out as the issue and since doxcycle cannot import this field, it should not overwrite the field

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