Adobe pro DC or Docusign for e signing documents

Since CRA started accepting e signatures this year, what do you think of adobe pro dc when compared to Docusign and Right signature?

I am more inclined to adobe DC Pro as it has PDF editor whereas with Docusign no such feature but at same price.

Do I have to use such softwares to be acceptable to CRA, can my client just sign it with his stylus pen or drawer and email it back to me, or maybe print it, sign it then scan it?

I am sure tech saves lot of time and client experience but would like to know the difference in CRA eyes, is it not sufficient to get scanned copy of printed and signed document?.

e.g. I am in Toronto and have client in Vancouver, his father is 84 years old, not tech friendly, so I am thinking to ask my client to print it to his Dad, sign it the scan back to me, shall I ask him to send it by courier?

Thank you

@daaboul_999 CRA has specified that you can retain T183s in electronic format here


Thank you Sarka