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Address column(s)

I would like to be able to export addresses into a spreadsheet so I can print mailing labels for mailers. I’m assuming that would require a separate column for each address field. The resulting spreadsheet could either be imported into a mailing label program directly, or at the very least, data entry would be a lot easier than having to go file by file in the client manager.

I apologize if this is possible somehow. I’m not seeing addresses in the column options other than province and couldn’t find it discussed in any searches I tried here before posting the topic.

Just a suggestion: I bought a Dymo LabelWriter 450. Prints the labels right from TaxCycle. Worth the $120.

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In my office we have two dymo 450 one for the file folder label and the other for address label at each workstation.

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Thank you! We’re just getting started as an independent business.
I’ll look into getting one of those.