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Client List Export Options

I have recently made the switch to TaxCycle and have not found a way to export Client data to excel/word. I would like to create a database of Clients in order to batch print mailing labels and folder labels.

If there is a way to Export Client Data that i am unaware of, please let me know. Thanks!

You can from Client Manager. If you run a search, just above the search results on the right hand side, you should see a green X button. This button will export the search results to a CSV file you can open with Excel.

Further to this: I understand batch printing will be available soon. When it is, will be able to create a template for mailing labels and folder labels within TaxCycle, thereby negating the need to export the data to Excel?

In addition, will we be able to batch email year end letters at that time?

Any way you could make this export feature more customizable. Quite a few useless columns in that export and sometime we like to pull “data mining” reports on various fields.


I support the request to customize the export feature. In the case of married or otherwise cohabiting tax payers, we send a single letter with both names on the envelope & letter. At this point I can’t find a way to export this information. Also the content of our letter depends on gross income lines 162 through 168.

I agree. When I used the completion’s software, I was able to print a full set of mailing labels within the software. I also agree with harlen in that I’d like to have one mailing label per pair of cohabitating taxpayers.

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