Bug with address imported from AFR on T2

We keep getting an error message on addresses when we do an AFR on a T2, and the reason is because CRA has address in ALLCAPS whereas we use Normal Caps.

Would it be possible for TaxCycle to disregard difference in capitalization when comparing information on a T2 info page and the information downloaded from AFR.

We already have code in place that should deal with the all caps.

Can you send us a file by e-courier so that I can be sure we’ve sorted out whatever is causing this for you?

Thanks in advance…

They also shorten “Avenue” to AVE. There is nothing wrong, often, with the existing address, but CRA seems to use Canada Post’s versions only. It’s also quite problematic with PO Boxes, depending on the structure of the address. Mostly I just ignore the AFR address and defeat the note. Kind of annoying.

How do I go about sending you something by e-courier?

You can click this link: https://e-courier.ca/aQ?tu=zIru3


~ Cameron

Thanks Cameron. Turns out the issues was with shortened words too: Ave instead of Avenue, etc. Didn’t pick up on that in the end of March rush. Thanks!