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2018 Suggestions T1/T3/T2 Etc


My issue with the current system is I have staff key the return from the slips and send me the return for review. i then do the AFR to match to the slips entered as part of my review. So I would like an easier way to do the matching. That being said, the system is not that bad now that the AFR screen does not allow you to navigate in the return now but if I can have a more efficient system why not. Maybe they should consider a standard import which is what they have now and an advanced screen for a more detailed import


Ah - we do the AFR first, pull what CRA has and then see what the client has (which this year is often more than at CRA…but that’s a different issue). I then delete/mark “ignore” anything non-applicable.

What is a total PITA is the fact that most of the T5008s do NOT have ACBs on them – mercifully TD and TD Waterhouse do, so at least those are easier and they are better annotated. TaxCycle had no difficulty sorting them.

CIBC and Richardson GMP on the other hand…not good!


We tried doing the AFR first the first year it came out but I prefer using the AFR as a review tool. I find the reviews go much faster. Not to mention the fact I have the most current AFR download with CRA in respect to slips being posted. I agree with lack of ACB numbers but it could be worse.


I’d like to see an option in the T1 pricing module to set prices as GST/HST included. I advertise my T1 prices as HST included.


T2125 etc should check business number if entered to see if it is valid;
need better way to match rrsp afr data with slips entered, can we not get to match them the same way as other slips?


I think this has been mentioned in previous years:
If there isn’t a way to change which taxpayer in the file is the principal, it would be nice to have that. (If there is a way to do it now, can someone let me know how?)


I don’t know if this is a long winded approach, but I have a few that I have changed around (mainly if we aren’t doing the husband’s return). I would temporarily change their marital status to single, “detach” the spouse’s return (from the pull down family members menu) then save both files. After that I would open the return of the person I wanted to be primary, change their marital status to married, then “Add a spouse from an existing file” from the pull down family members menu. After re-coupling TaxCycle will delete the data file of the individuals.

That being said… there could be a much easier way of switching them around… but I have never been known to take the easy way out if there was a more difficult or complicated way of doing something. :grinning:


Thanks for the suggestion. I had considered something like that. I am really hoping for a solution that doesn’t require all of those steps. A Manage Taxpayers menu option would be nice :slight_smile:


I have been handling it as snoplowguy has suggested except I don’t change the marital status. I don’t believe there is an alternative at the moment.


Add to Workflow for Individuals and Corporations:

MR-69 Printed
MR-69 Signed and on file

(Essentially, the same as a T1013. However, only if Quebec.)


Option to Print the T691 Minimum tax carryover information. When I have a client who has AMT, I have been doing a “snip” of this section and then pasting it into a word document to print this for the client. I find it useful to explain who much is available for future years.