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2018 Suggestions T1/T3/T2 Etc


I’m reviewing a family with four tax returns. I’m flipping back and forth through the different returns in the file. It would be nice, when I press F4, to type the name of a family member and be able to jump to their return that way instead of doing it through the “Prepare” tab on the side of the screen.


Have you tried Ctrl+Tab to move between family members?
Here’s how it works.


New this year is the ability to cycle between all family member returns with ALT+F5.

I’m aware of it since it was my suggestion :slight_smile:



I didn’t know about that, Mike. Good idea.


Can you also exclude slips with SIN 000 000 000; I had a T4A for a client and he could not get a SIN and then it wanted to import that slip into a child’s return that does not have a SIN because they receive money from an infant trust fund


Could we get the same information on the transmit family page? Mostly I am interested in the code 180 etc




Not really a bug per say but Doxcycle appears to dislike having PDF files with fill-able cells being dragged and dropped. Errors until you print it to a new pdf and then drag it in


I know this is low priority; however, it would be nice if you added this form to the T3 module

Just need some calculations and maybe a couple roll forward numbers.


In the template editor, it would be nice to have a a Keep Together function that spans paragraphs. The current Keep Together does not keep two separate paragraphs together.


Mentioning it again this year: It would be nice to have the Calculator (particularly in DoxCycle) set to 2 decimal precision for the result, but be able to enter more than 2 for input to a calculation (for foreign exchange calculations, etc.)


For capital gains on mutual fund units and flow through share units I need more than 2 digits after the decimal point. I would wish to have the option to go to four or up to seven digits.

If and when possible, I would like to have the calculator function revamp for faster and easier use for simple tapes and more advanced use for longer and more complex tapes.

Although the TaxCycle tape is better than that of a competitor, it is not really intuitive, fast, simple, quick, nor powerful.

Please don’t misunderstand, I prefer it to that of a competitor. Still, there are many times when I want to enter a quick calculation right into the tax return to explain to myself and the client how I arrived at the entered number. These are those countless little calculations for which opening an Excel file seems burdensome and unnecessary.

My favorite calculator which I print to pdf or screen clip onto OneNote is CalcTape. Oh, how I love CalcTape. I would love something similar to that.


I second that motion.


I do a fair amount of reviewing from the slip summary. I check off the line items on slips that I’ve confirmed. On slips that are split with the spouse, it would be helpful when I check off a number on the slip of the taxpayer, it also checks it off on the spouse’s copy of the slip.


What a great idea, if possible.


Not sure if these are suggestions or I just don’t know how to do it:
When posting donation slips from DoxC to TaxC, it would be nice to have a “receipt number” row to enter along with the name and amount, similar to the RRSP posting. Since there is a Receipt # column on donation worksheet, thought it seems possible.

Also, since T1 AFR includes a spot at the bottom to manually enter an account balance, it would be great if that then appears on the client letter so they are aware there is an amount due for a prior year, regardless of what it says for the current year. Or is there a way for me to do this myself in the templates?



Haven’t noticed this previously, but found it somewhat annoying. When a slip doesn’t scan (particularly a T4) in DoxCycle - often this occurs when a client sends it - one needs to manually enter the amounts. However, unless I’m doing it wrong, each time one moves to a new “box” (ie a new line) one has to move from keypad to mouse to hit enter so the box number can be entered. This actually takes longer than just keying the thing into the return directly - which should never happen. (Oddly this slip from the Alta Gov’t was NOT on AFR, even at this late date!)


It would be nice to have the ability to sort the T5008 and T3 from the afr screen based on investment name to make it easier to group, and maybe a sort by slip after we have entered it to ease balancing. I would also prefer that the slips I am matching to show up in the drop down in the same order they are in taxcycle


I would like the entire matching screen process to be reworked. It is too easy to accidentally click on the wrong spot and mess up the entire slips matching process.

At the very least there should be a reset button to reset the slips by type to the AFR download.

It would be nice to have an AFR to Slips naming alias. Such a dialog box could function as to grouping and matching mechanism.

For very large numbers of T5008, it would be nice to have an import function. Currently we can export the AFR values for T3 and T5008 slips to Excel. Once we matched these slips and added the ACB’s it would be great to import the values back. Matching and reconciliation can be performed more easily within Excel than trying to navigate the current matching process through 100 or more slips.


T3 and T5008 almost need a table format, slips across the top and slips down the side


I really fail to see the problem with T3s and T5008s. I export them, sort them either by name or amount to match to the (usually printed) statements from the provider, ensure that the ACBs are recorded - or add manually if required - alias them if there are more than one T5008 and pivot table them to each. That way the total matches the T5008 disposition total (via the alias) and the ACBs are correct. Post total of each to the S3. There is no requirement to provide detail on the return.

Is it a pain? Yes - but no worse than it ever was with printed trading statements.

If one really wants to, one can ignore all the T5008s entirely and record to S3/Excel/whatever and just report totals, as long as one is certain that ALL trading is recorded. (FWIW frequently trades of money market instruments with no gain/loss are recorded and these are just bulking up totals.)